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I'm the anon from last time. *you* wrote "J + L"? Thank you so much for writing it that fic made my day

Ha you’re welcome!

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Anonymous said:
What was your username on Metallichicks? I might know you


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Anonymous said:
oh i know kirk is smoking but i would never guess that (lars and james are smoking).. is there any photo to prove it?


There’s quite a few pics of Load James smoking, and pics and footage of Lars smoking. The one in the middle is from James’s Instagram—I take it as proof that he still smokes cigars at least from time to time.

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Anonymous said:
does any metallica member smoke (or used to?)

Lars used to smoke cigarettes, and James and Kirk smoke cigars (James used to like Indiana Slims and Backwoods, and Kirk used to like Habanos and Opus X—don’t know if they still smoke those). Not sure about the others.

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I just have to ask, where do you get all of your pictures from, and the videos for your GIF's? They are amazing, I can't seem to find many of them.

I’ve been collecting pictures for yeaaaars so they come from a lot of places. You can check out Fanpop, Metallichicks (I used to share my finds and scans on there), professional sites like Getty Images, Corbis and such, and of course a lot of good pics are posted around here. It’s also always useful to google “metallica” in images right after a show.

But if you want the original of a pic I edited, you can always ask.

As for the videos, I just search for “metallica interview” or “james hetfield” or whatever on YouTube, or I use (rarely though) some of the bootlegs I got from Metfuk and Metpage.

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Anonymous said:
i need some live performance videos that include shirtless jaymz:^3 can you send some??

He almost always ended up shirtless at some point in the 90s so you can just check out the end of 90s shows.

There’s also this for a more recent sexy instance:

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