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heeey-lars asked Hi :D I just started to follow your blog, and it's really wonderful! I wanted to ask if you could tell me where to find your Fiction, in the link you have posted time ago I did not find it D: oh, and sorry for my bad english, I'm italian..

Thanks! Your english is fine. And I guess since I said who I was on Chicks…I can say I’m Cookies on Rockfic.

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knirkeulrich asked I love your new theme! *-*

Yay :)

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Anonymous asked Do you know what does MFF means? The tag that James used to write on instagram and now all the fans use, I don't use it 'cuz I don't know what it means, I think of Metallica Family but it needs another word with f, hope you can solve this quesñtion:(

Metallica Family Forever :)

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come-crawling-faster asked I just entered your blog and had a mini heart-attack! loooove your new theme (and that photo of james) <3

:D I tried many pics before settling on this pretty, pretty one.

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jamtfield asked love your blog!

Thanks :)

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Anonymous asked wow! your theme looks awesome!


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