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At that time both Jason and James were drinking Slim Fast so I said ‘fuck that I’ll make my own version.’ Slim Fast tastes like butt…to me it does.

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Anonymous said:
That gif set of lar ulrich playing the guitar is there a video of that?

Of course: http://youtu.be/OVjYAbg5O_Q?t=15m10s 

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Gifs of james of year and a half if you can!!

Will make one! Gonna reblog some in the meantime.

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Where can i fiind the so what magazine? By the way ..put more photos of james between 1990 and 1992 if you can! Thankz

There’s some on eBay. You can also buy them in the Metstore if you’re a Metclub member.

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Didn’t have enough good pics for a booty collage, so I made a (shitty) gifset instead.

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