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Hi,you have a really great blog.I have been following you before I got a tumblr account .I was wondering if you knew about Lars's friendship with Courtney Love like how they met?

Aw thank you!

I think they met at Tuktoyaktuk, like we see in Fan Can 2 (and pretended to be engaged and all that, so there were rumors they were actually dating back then). I don’t know if the friendship went past that week.

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Anonymous said:
can you make some gifs with Lars from Gammel Dansk ad plz ?? thnx in advance ! ur blog is AWESOME

Hell yeah I will. And thanks!

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Reblogging for anon

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Yess!!! Omg please do that!!! Also really love your blog! Great edits!

Thanks again!

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Anonymous said:
Omg if that was you who drew the little valentines day james thing please draw or post more it's the cutest thing ever!!!!

Thanks! :D I’ll probably draw the whole band like that.

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